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March 1, 2012 | No comments yet

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So what do you put on this fabulous website you are creating (or remodeling)?  Here is another graphic to explain what I mean by “your essential presence on the ‘net.”

Forgive the drawing, but it shows just how many things you need to include on your website (when you get them or if you get them).  Don’t think you have to have all of these.  You don’t.

What I want you to see is that when someone types in, they should be able to pick and choose where to find you on the ‘net.  What you don’t want is for them to find, “Hi, I’m…” with no way to find your books or your blog or your Twitter account.  The operative word is:  EASY.

Make it EASY to find you on all these other places, no matter where they come from.

So for example, let’s say that someone hears about you on the radio.  What they heard was interesting, but all they caught was your name.  So they type “Your Name” into a Google search.  Now if you’ve done your SEO’s right, should come up first in the search.

They click on it.  Remember, they don’t know anything else about you.  Now let’s say that your site is just a hodgepodge of your biography and maybe a couple of your books.  Your new visitor probably won’t be around long.  But let’s say when they show up, they are immediately hooked (you have written a great hook for this Landing Page, right?).

Now they want to know more and they want to connect with you where they are on the ‘net. So how do I as a reader find you on Facebook?  And if I type in your name, do I get your profile or your page?  If you haven’t set it up so that your site points to your Page, I will probably go to your profile and ask to be friended.  That’s a problem because you can only have 5,000 friends.  You really want me to go to your PAGE and Like you.  But I probably won’t if left to my own devises.

So can I contact you to tell you what a great read your last book was?  Can I read a review of this book I’m interested in?  How about getting a link for it on Amazon?

Remember, the goal is read, click, read, click, read, click.  The second you go into read, click, search… mode you’re in trouble.  So keep it simple for the reader.  Take them by the hand and lead them where you want them to go through your site.

The biggest thing is:  Think it through! Be intentional!

Don’t just put something up because I said you should have one. 

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