The Long Way Home

“What an Amazing Journey!”
The Long Way Home Cover 10-27-2014

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The Long Way Home

Sent from Chicago to the Kansas Flint Hills on family business, Jaxton Anderson finds himself in conflict with Ami Martin from their very first meeting. Yet he cannot stop thinking about the stubborn young woman and her struggle to keep her own family farm by turning it into a bed and breakfast. Each time he tries to draw closer to her, he makes the situation worse until a series of crises throws Jaxton and Ami together in unexpected ways.

THE LONG WAY HOME is an adventure of love and reconciliation. Touching on themes of faith, family, and fortunes, it asks the characters and the reader “Who are you, and where do you want to be when you’re eighty?”

“Staci Stallings writes from a deep knowledge and love of the Flint Hills, and with a compassionate understanding of everyday people caught up in family and life struggles. Her characters and their story will reside in your heart long after you have finished the last chapter of THE LONG WAY HOME.”

What Reviewers are saying…

Sometimes we need someone to help us take the road less traveled…

by: Clint

Amy is trying to do this without her father’s support. Amy is truly a reminder that the verse “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Is a promise kept. Like the Energizer Bunny she keeps going even in the face of adversity and emotional abuse. Staci Stallings writes books that draws one closer to God and makes a person reflect on her life and her relationships. God bless you, Staci.


I really like these characters!

by: Bookworm426

Compelling story, likeable ordinary people main characters, and a loving grandpa. What more could you want?

The thing that appealed most to me is that the story and characters were believable. There were enough flaws in the characters that I could relate to them, and the story was one that plays out (in different variations) every single day. I also enjoyed watching a relationship grow and seeing two people struggle with, but choose to fight the physical desire. They focused on the parts of the relationship that will last – commitment, faithfulness, partnership.

I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent in Kansas!




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