The Friendship Series

“Great Story with a Powerful Message!!”
The Friendship Series

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The Friendship Series

This TWO BOOK BOXED SET includes:

~*~ Eternity ~*~ 

Aaron Foster thought he had the perfect life until his fiancee walked out of their apartment and then back in again with his new roommate. In desperation Aaron and his best friend, Harmony Jordan, devise The Plan to save Drew’s heart from getting shattered, but when The Plan succeeds beyond their wildest expectation, it could spell heartache for them all.

Harmony Jordan has loved Aaron Foster since the first minute he rescued her from a literal computer crash. The only problem is, Aaron only sees her as a friend. Trying to be content to be the person Aaron goes to when life crashes around him, Harmony puts her heart on the line for him to help him rescue his in-for-real-trouble new roommate. However, she never expected the roommate to fall for her, or for her to fall for him. Now what?


“Eternity,” a gem among Contemporary Romance novels, proves romances can be melded with inspirational books to produce something truly amazing and unexpected. Delving into and through the subject most contemporary romance books are predicated upon—free and easy sex, “Eternity” shows that romance novels don’t have to have characters hopping into bed to be romantic, fun, and entertaining. Further, it seeks to dispel the myth that all romantic relationships must start and end in the bedroom. As romance books go, it has all the romance in a clean, inspirational read that any lover of romance novels will appreciate.


~*~ The Easy Way Out ~*~ 

Landscape designer, Drew Easton thought he had met the perfect girl in Harmony Jordan, but then Harmony married Drew’s best friend and business partner, Aaron Foster. Trying to pick up the pieces of the failed relationship and go on with life, Drew is not prepared for the twists the road to true love is about to take. Will his heart still be in one piece at the end of this ride?


Charity Jordan has one feeling about her older sister. Hate. Never able to measure up, always second-best, Charity’s life has been driven by one bad mistake after another. When Harmony’s ex begins showing up to landscape her parent’s yard, Charity has no intentions of being his second choice. But when her feelings for him start to change, will she be able to keep herself from once again taking The Easy Way Out… The Friendship Series starts in the world with characters who believe what the world says about “easy” sex and expendable partners and ends with a very Christian message both about redemption and about how the choices we make in this life really do matter into eternity.

What Reviewers are saying…

“Something good is standing in the way of great”

by: Farm Girl Stallings’ book Eternity is certainly a roller coaster ride. It takes you through the twists and turns of each relationship. From Aaron’s realization of his feelings for Harmony to Harmony’s struggle with her feelings for Drew AND Aaron. You are never sure where you may end up or what is around the next corner. The characters in Eternity, as in all of Stallings’ books, are so real. They actually could be the person sitting right next to you. Their lives are not perfect. They are faced with temptation, sin and choices. Do they make the right decisions? Do we always make the right decisions? The characters are real just like you and I. Eternity is a sweet romance that will warm your heart. I was provided a free copy of the book for an honest review. And honestly, I loved it!!

Another Great Story with a Powerful Message!

by: Amazon Customer Staci Stallings has quickly risen as one of my top favorite Christian Romance authors. The Easy Way Out is the 3rd book I’ve read of hers and was again amazed by the intensity of the story and the depth of her characters. I can’t remember a time when a book rendered so many emotions from me. One minute I’m cheering for the main characters, next I’m screaming out of frustration, then I’m crying because I realize how fragile life is and finally I’m hopeful and content knowing well that in times when all seems lost and hopeless, placing your trust in God will bring true joy and His best for our lives. Ms. Stallings takes her readers through a journey that thoroughly reveals the consequences of running away and/or not facing tough situations of life. However, through the journey, the reader will also witness how having God in the center of one’s life will get you through life’s difficulties (including those initiated by poor choices) and fill you with blessings. Thank you Stacie for sharing your story that reminds us how powerful and great is God’s grace and love.

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