The Way To Prosperity and Success That is Good

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September 15, 2011 | No comments yet

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Today I’m excited to welcome guest blogger, Joie Fields.

Josh 1:7-9

 8 Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. (NIV)

If you go to and put in the search box, “prosperity” you will get thousands of results. If you put in “success” you will get thousands more. Admittedly, I have purchased some of those books. Don’t we all want prosperity and good success?

Well, God wrote a book on prosperity and good success. In his book, God says to Joshua, “don’t let this book of the Law depart from your mouth . . . ”

I love to study the ancient Hebrew writing. It makes things so simple and clear to me. The ancient Hebrew people did picture writing similar to the hieroglyphics we are familiar with from Egypt. The Hebrew word translated Law throughout the Old Testament is torah. If you look up the word torah in the ancient Hebrew, it is literally drawn as a finger, pointing the way. That’s what God’s word was intended to be—a pointing the way for us to follow to prosperity and good success. God told Joshua to more than see the way, he was to say the way as well. “Don’t let it depart from your mouth,” means to speak it always.

Interestingly, Jesus (the Greek form of Joshua) is called the word made flesh (Jn 1:14). He was the Law personified. He was the finger pointing the way to genuine prosperity and good success. The writer of Hebrews says Jesus was the exact representation of God—the perfect reflection of the Father (Heb 1:3). He was prosperous and successful in every aspect of his life and we are his followers. Jesus gave us a very important key to understanding the way. He said, “Out of the abundance in the heart, the mouth speaks.” (Matt 12:34).

Our heart is the key to prosperity and good success. The heart is where our feelings and emotions reside. It is where we believe (faith) or allow disbelief to pull us away from God’s way. Our heart is the center of our life, and out of that center—we speak. When I first learned this, I actually took a tape recorder and set it to record and went about my day. After 90 minutes the recorder shut off and I listened to what I had been saying. I was amazed at the unbelief that came out of my mouth in that 90 minute period. The words I spoke randomly did not match those found in God’s word for a believer. I was negative and I put myself down a lot back then. It was shocking to hear myself saying things about myself that made me cringe with shame as I had when my parents said them to me while I was growing up. It was an eye-opening experience—to hear what was in my heart.

I determined then, to change my heart, which would change my words which would change my course in life. I began to pray submission to God’s word and allowed it to change my heart. The Bible says (Prov 21:1) that God turns the heart like a watercourse. I worked with legal descriptions and title of land for years—I know the way a river changes the land’s lay-out. The change is so minute and gradual, it is almost unperceivable, yet it changes. When I submitted to agree with God’s word it allowed his hand to take my heart and begin to change it’s very description. As my heart changed, so did the words of my mouth. As my words changed so has my life. I’m not there yet, but I’m not where I was when I started this journey either.

Prayer: Father, I give you my heart. I submit to and agree with your words that point the way for me to live life abundantly. I take in your word and I allow it to do all your word does: create, change, clean, and accomplish what you sent it to do. I love you deeply and trust you absolutely. Show me your way for me today. Amen.


Joie Fields is a freelance writer who lives by the adage stated by Mother Teresa, “We are all pencils in the hand of a writing God, who is sending love letters to the world.”

Joie says… I am God’s scribe, ready to send his word where he wants it to go in a palatable form. I love to study the Bible and share what I understand of God with others. I have articles published in Light & Life, The LookOut, Chicken Soup For The Soul and I’m currently working on my first work of historical fiction. I love the gift of writing and I love the Giver of my gift.

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