Dynamic Relationships A Lesson in Patience

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February 13, 2014 | No comments yet

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by:  Staci Stallings

One of the first things you are going to learn if you decide to build a network of Holy Spirit, dynamic relationships is — this is not about you!

To receive you must first give, and not everyone is going to give back.  This is not a straight-shot to having a gaggle of people around to help you.  It takes a LOT of work.

Most of all, I think the term that most clearly represents dynamic relationships is… patience.

These types of relationships are going to require more patience than you can possibly imagine.  They are going to feel like they are built in fits and starts.  The other person is going to challenge your coping mechanisms in ways you’ve never been challenged before.  They are going to leave about the time you need them and let go about the time you are ready to hold on.

It will feel like your friendship schedule is completely off.

I think this is Satan’s way of talking you out of making this connection.  Don’t let him.

BREATHE! (You will do a lot of that!)

Ask God to come into the situation.  Ask Him to be with this other person and with you.

Ask for HIS patience (you’re going to need it!).

However, as the relationship is built, you will pull out of this initial phase into a total and complete trust.  You will know if the person has something else to do, that’s okay.  You will stop taking everything as a personal insult.  You will also stop having to pour yourself into a bottomless pit.  As the two of you find God together, that “pit” will be filled by Him and you can start just enjoying each other instead of trying to fill the pit with the other person.

Now, I cannot tell you who is this friend for you.  Most likely it is someone that you feel safe with already, someone who encourages you, someone you can talk with and have fun with but also go deep with.Gifts Ad

For me, it took me getting in with God super tight before these types of friendships started coming my way.  And I would encourage you to most of all, work on your friendship with God.  The more you do that, the more relaxed and “okay” you will be in other relationships.

Just know going in that this is not going to be a Utopia where everything is perfect.  You’re still dealing with another human being–with their own faults and failings, hangups and issues.  They will not get everything right.  But if you’re connected to God, that won’t matter as much as maybe it has in the past.


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