Making the Right Things Important

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September 9, 2010 | 2 Comments

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By:  Staci Stallings

I know everyone is not as lucky as I am.  I grew up with two parents who worked hard, but who also worked hard at making the right things important.  I’m not sure I appreciated it at the time.  To be sure, they’ve gotten better about it since our family’s tragedy.  But let me tell you, my folks know it ain’t about having the perfect grass and the shiniest car.  It’s about who you help, what you do, and how much you care.

I don’t know why I got to thinking about this over the weekend.  Then on Monday my lovely husband alerted me to a song by George Strait called “The Breath You Take.”  I highly recommend it.  The gist is that it’s not the breaths we take, the number of them, or how long they last, it’s being there for the moments that take our breath away.

It’s being there when your kid hits the homerun or plays that symphony.  It’s being there when they skin their knee or just need a shoulder to cry on.  It’s being there to cheer them on and to hold them when they just need to cry.

What’s true about kids is true about all of us.  It’s true for friends.  How long will friends stick around if all they ever hear is “I’m too busy”?  Will they be there for you when you’ve consistently been too busy to be there for them?Deep in the Heart 1-2014

In our go-go materialistic world, we too often think in terms of getting ahead, buying the bigger house or the nicer car, keeping up with the Joneses.  But the more I live, the more I realize how empty all of those things are.  We are trying to keep up with an illusion.  We are comparing our cons with their pros.

We don’t see that, yes, they might have a fancier car, but we were able to be there for someone who really matters to us.  When we’re chasing “things,” people often get second-shift.

For the next couple of days, I challenge you to make the right things important.  Stop focusing on the breaths you take and start focusing on the moments that take your breath away.  Trust me, you will never regret doing so.

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