Build Your Hill, Day 3

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January 10, 2012 | 1 Comment

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Day 3

Today we’re going to begin talking about a concept I call “build the hill.”

First, I want you to consider this.  You are trying to get a snowball to roll.  I want you to examine the following four types of plains you could be trying to do that on.

Now I want you to ask yourself:  Which of these would be the easiest to get a promotion snowball to roll on or down?

Let’s examine them a little closer.

You drive all the traffic to your site or blog.  The only way anyone knows your content exists is if YOU tell them, and you have few or no promotional outlets–places to consistently tell people about your content. When you don’t promote, it all shuts down. Everything depends on you. You have no places to promote on or very limited ones that you don’t know how to use. Basically you have content only and no promotional plan. (Pulling is weak; promos are inconsistent, haphazard, or nonexistent.)

 You still drive all traffic, but you do have promo places to post. You post the content and then all of the promos. Content and promos (all you).  (Pulling is weak but visible; promos are only instigated by you.)

You get help driving traffic to your posts through being on others’ blogs, cross promoting on Twitter (you post for them, they post for you), being interviewed and reviewed on other people’s sites. You don’t have to do it all… you just have to get it started.  You use the leverage of other people’s built-in audience.  (Pulling is stronger because you have a pool of audiences to draw from; promos may be instigated by you, but are picked up and spread by others.)  An example of this would be if you did a guest blog.  You have content.  You pull audience members TO you from the audience of the other blogger (i.e. they read it and jump to your blog or book to see more) AND both you and the blogger (hopefully) promote the post.  You are no longer on your own!

In Landslide Marketing you instigate the content and the promotional effort but many others pick it up and blast it far and wide to their audiences.  Cross promotional book launches and parties are a good example—where you are all promoting the same event together so that it benefits everyone in the group.  These can be really powerful before, during, and even after the event.  Best of all, you only have to do  a fraction of the total promotional effort to see maximized results.  (Pulling–you are reaching everyone’s audience not just yours; you can promo the event and thus your content to the whole audience.)

With Grace and Faith, the idea is this:

Say that each member of a particular promotion has 500 followers, and you have 500 followers as well.

Now say that in a particular promotion, you have 10 members including you.

If you did the promotion on your own, you would promote to 500 followers (yours).

But joining together, each one promotes to their 500 followers, and suddenly your promotional message is going to 5,000!

Further, let’s say that each of you was following how to pull market and in 3 months you increased your followers by 20%.  Now you’re looking at 600 followers each… or 6,000 people!

Do you see how landslide marketing could make a huge difference?!

So, what kind of marketing are you doing now?  Uphill?  Flat?  Downhill? or Landslide?  Which would you like to be doing?

Next time, I will show you how to begin to build your hill so you can attain landslide-style marketing results.

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