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April 24, 2012 | No comments yet

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So you’ve got a great blog post with terrific keywords and a jump tag at the end.

Great start!

Now you’ve got to promote it.  Remember this graphic from earlier?

Now that you have your Content (that wonderful blog post, which is Pulling audiences in) and your jump tag to your book page, which is the Push, now we’re going to jump down to the PROMO part of the equation.

In short, you have to TELL people about the blog post.

For many years I put up post after post and sometimes I would stumble upon new subscribers, or they would stumble upon me.  But that wasn’t very strategic.  To be strategic, you must identify all the places you can get the word out about your post.

These can include but are not limited to:


Facebook Profile

Facebook Page

Stumble Upon

Linked In

Amazon Author Central Page

Google +

The “Space” Sites (MySpace, HisSpace, etc.)

Basically, anywhere that you have an account and can post about the article is a good promo spot.

So do it!  Don’t go to all the trouble to set up a great blog post and leave it there to collect cyber-dust.

Ride the wave you’ve created by promoing the article.

To do so, you probably want to write at least 3 different tweets or promos for it.  Put these on a Word doc that you can pull from in two weeks and again in six weeks and again a year from now (you did make that blog post timeless, right?!).  This is a classic pull-push campaign that once set up and be run over and over again indefinitely.

Just don’t make the mistake, like I did, of thinking if you build it, they will automatically show up in droves.  They won’t unless you INVITE them!

We will talk more about writing Twitter posts later, but for now, ANY promo is better than none.  Good luck!  See you next time!

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