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March 6, 2012 | No comments yet

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We’ve talked a little about websites, why you should have one and what to put on it.  Now I want to spend just a little time on the topic of keywords.  Keyword importance goes by several names:  metatags, keywords, and SEO.

When websites first came out, metatags were invented to let search engines know what a page was about even if those words weren’t on the page.  Marketers quickly learned that search engines ranked pages highest that used keywords both in metatags AND as keywords on a page.  Think of metatags as invisible code that tells search engines what’s on a page, and keywords as the words used on the page.

If you are using a blog for your website, this would be the infamous “Tags” or “Categories” that some people don’t bother with.  But that’s a HUGE mistake.

Obviously one reason to have a site or a blog is so that you can point people to it.  But another even more important reason is so that people can find YOU.

The problem is, they are probably not going to type in “Staci Stallings” unless you’re in the realm of a John Grisham, right?  So how does someone who is looking for great Christian fiction find you?  Good question.

This is where Search Engines come into play and with that SEO (search engine optimization).  That’s a fancy way of saying, “Setting up a site or blog so the search engines fall in love with you and put your name at the top when someone searches.”

You “optimize” your site or blog–doing all the things search engines LOVE so they will put you on the top of the page.

However, there are millions of sites and millions of keywords and millions of ways to configure those keywords.  So what do you do?  Take a shot in the dark and hope?

There’s actually a much better way.

It starts with a site called Google Adwords.  Now you’re not going to advertise with them.  The link goes to a branch of their site that is about “keyword ideas.”  The idea is to try out some keywords and see how popular they are.  So let’s try, “Christian fiction.”

This is what my search returned.

Christian fiction had 27,500 Global searches last month, and the competition for that keyword is low.

Low is good.  That means you won’t have much competition for that keyword, but 27,500 is not as high as other keywords you could try.

For example, a little farther down on this same list, we see:

The keyword Christian book has had 673,000 Global searches and its also got low competition.

Now which would you prefer?  673,000 or 27,500 searches for your site?

Spend some time on the Google Adwords keyword site.  This will give you great ideas for tags and categories on a blog and metatags and keywords on your site.

If you haven’t chosen a site name or a blog name, consider using some of your keywords to name your site.  Every repetition of those keywords can boost your Google score and may get you onto the top spot — the first choice when those 673,000 search for your keyword!




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