Keys to Creating a Successful Book Marketing Strategy

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Keys to Creating a Successful Book Marketing Strategy

If you’re an author, you probably know there’s a labyrinth called marketing. Social media, blogs, reviews–it’s enough to make you want to quit.

Don’t quit! Here’s help! 

#1 Best Selling Christian author, Staci Stallings, will walk you through how to take leads and make them readers. Step-by-step instructions give authors the tools they need to succeed in the ebook world as well as selling in the traditional world.

It’s time to take control of your marketing endeavors. Learn about The Promo Chain and why, if you are marketing without it, you’re missing sales. Learn to stack waves so that when one marketing endeavor is over, the wave doesn’t stop.

No author should venture into marketing without the information in this book!

KEYS TO CREATING A SUCCESSFUL BOOK MARKETING STRATEGY will help authors new and old understand marketing strategy so they can deploy it in the marketplace to gain exposure for their work. Filled with foundational marketing information, KEYS will take any author from shooting in the dark to zeroing in on the targets of more sales and more reach. This information is vital information on book marketing for kindle authors in particular. If you are a kindle author and you’re looking for sound advice on how to market your ebook, this is it.

What Reviewers are saying…


by: Author Lorieen D. Henry

Buy Now! Why? Keys to Creating a Successful Book Marketing Strategy is a well written resource with lessons that are attainable. As a new author, the journey can feel overwhelming at times. And some of the resources have so much information that I found it hard to know where to start. However, the author does a great job of making each lesson short, sweet and attainable. Therefore, I immediately felt encouraged rather than discouraged. The information was clear and concise which enabled me to stop reading for about 20 minutes and try out some of the strategy. This is the best of the 5 resources I’ve read this year! The author’s tone coupled with the information says “caring coach”. For me, a coach “fires me up”! I’m fired up, ready to own my mistakes and correct them. Thanks to the author for sharing so many wonderful nuggets.

Must read for all new authors as well as those who need to “own” their marketing. It’s a tough journey which includes an evolving strategy. Make this book handy during your planning!!!


Lays a Great Foundation for Marketing

by: Heather Hart

“Keys to Creating A Successful Book Marketing Strategy,” is an awesome primer for the world of book marketing. Staci doesn’t give you any superficial advice or pat answers, and while this book doesn’t go in depth into any one area of marketing, it does lay a great foundation for successful book marketing. Coaching you on how to write marketing material that will pull your readers in instead of turning them off and then sharing with you how to share that content in a way that will help the book sales keep flowing.

I have read dozens if not hundreds of books on book marketing, and this is one of the best! If you’re new to the world of book marketing, I highly recommend this book!




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