Having Thoughts vs. Entertaining Thoughts

August 5, 2013 | No comments yet

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by:  Staci Stallings

I got to thinking after my last post that some of you might break out the bludgeon on yourselves over the word “thoughts” while kind of missing the word “entertaining.”  So today I want to make something VERY clear.

Having thoughts is not the same as entertaining thoughts.

We all have thoughts.  Some that we think on purpose and others that flit through our mind almost, it seems, on their own.

For example, let’s say that you are at a party and a woman you don’t know very well walks in.  You notice that her red dress is quite show-stopping.  Now, you may have a thought like, “Wow.  That’s some dress.”  And then go on with life.  You may also have the thought, “She looks really good in that dress.”  Or “Wow. I wish I could wear something like that.”

Okay.  Those are having thoughts.

Now, let’s say that this is a woman you don’t like very much.  You might think, “Who does she think she is wearing something like that?”

But let’s say that you are in the habit of comparing yourself to this woman.  Look how quickly having a thought can turn into entertaining a thought…

“Who does she think she is wearing something like that?  She is so selfish, always has to have all eyes on her.  She is such a tramp.  Look at her flaunting that dress…”

Do you see that having a thought is not the same as entertaining one?

In the past I have HAD thoughts that I immediately pulled up short with, “Where did that come from? Uh, no.  We’re not going there.”  And then I found something else to think about.

So what I want you to understand is that we all have thoughts–some even that we’re not very proud of.  But when those flit through our minds, we don’t have to set up a couch and feed them cookies to get them to stay.

A Work in Progress Final

Discard them.  Replace them.  Disregard them. And move on.

Set your mind (thoughts) instead on something positive and productive.  This, probably, was the basis of positive thinking and although now I realize there is more to it than just thinking better thoughts, thinking better thoughts is a good place to START!

Watch what thoughts you “entertain” on a regular basis.  I’ll bet you that your life experience is lining up pretty well with those thoughts.

Want to change your life experience?  Change the thoughts you are choosing to invite in and feed!

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