True Power & Real Peace

“Life Changing!”

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True Power & Real Peace

Why is life so very difficult? Can anything make it any easier? Why do some people get all the breaks, and I’m always struggling?

Now, from #1 Best Selling Christian author, Staci Stallings, learn the secrets to living with True Power and Real Peace– no matter what storms come up in your life! Stop struggling. Start living.

Learn the importance of taking “this step.” Learn how to work with God’s Will instead of against it. Learn how to live with the Source as your strength instead of trying to get strength from resources that are bound to fail.

Every page is packed with deep insights and real life solutions to your deepest problems. Be a better parent, a better friend, a better you!

Today can truly be the day to start on your path to True Power & Real Peace!

What Reviewers are saying…

Contents of this book literally gave me “True Power” and “Real Peace”

by: Myrna Brorman

She taught me to quit trying to do things on my own power. To surrender my life into the capable hands of Jesus. I can’t begin to explain how freeing it was to do just that and how grateful I am. But, Staci will be the first person to tell you she didn’t do it. She simply let God work through her and HE is the one that did it. And, when you go to HIM as your source, that’s when you have have “True Power”. Do yourself a favor and read this amazing book. Because it really CAN change your life and give you “True Power” and “Real Peace”.


Life Changing!

by: Farm Girl

What a simple idea it is to turn your life completely over to God. Life tends to make that more difficult than it is. We all want a life full of peace and joy. This book shows you how to find that true peace in your own life.

The best part of this book was Stalling’s style. I did not feel preached to or looked down on. I felt like I was with a friend who was sharing lessons from her own life with me.


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