The Price of Silence

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The Price of Silence

Where do you turn when the watching eyes are everywhere? Where do you go when no place is safe? Who do you turn to when saying anything could get someone killed? Who can you trust when “they” could be anyone?

Robyn Lockhart liked her simple but predictable life in the small Iowa town she grew up in. But when her mother moves them to the big city, Robyn has no choice but to brave the tumultuous high school she’s thrust into. Then, with barely a blink and as an outsider looking in, Robyn begins asking questions that no one seems willing to face. Is it possible to stay silent while simultaneously shouting from the rooftops that something is deadly wrong? And if you shout, beyond those watching every move you make, who will even hear?

What Reviewers are saying…

Stupendous story!

by: luvs2read

I’ve read, The Price of Silence, three times now. It’s that good. Wait, did I say good? Make that great!
There are places in this story that keep you on the edge of your seat, holding your breath, wondering what’s going to happen next, and places that have you crying–so get the Kleenex–and other places that have you saying, “Ah-h-h.”
Because of the strong message in, The Price of Silence, I think it should be mandatory reading in every middle school and high school.
Sometimes doing the right thing isn’t easy. And sometimes we stand alone when we do choose to do what’s right.



by: Rhonda Aberdeen

When I have to be up at 6am and at 2am I am still up wondering where has the time gone and my only regret is that I have to go and sleep so I cannot finish the book, the word “amazing” does not suffice. The Price of Silence is different from any other Staci Stallings’ book that i have ever read. This however shows the diversity and talent of the author because no matter what she writes, it is always amazing!

This is another must read! You sure won’t regret it.

I felt like I was Robyn. I felt her silent pain, struggle and I felt as though I went on this journey with her, which at times was so scary. It made me wonder of people who face this in real life and my prayers are seriously with them.

Let me reiterate, you wont regret reading this book.

It is just amazing.



by: Cindy Penn

A realistic examination of some of the hardest hitting issues teenagers confront. Written her characteristically scintillating style, Stallings addresses the dangers gangs present and the cost of keeping quiet about their threats. Robyn becomes a powerful example of how easy it is to be oblivious of another person’s life. Moreover, Stallings pens an engrossing tale that should be required reading for all middle and high school students and parents. A powerful, thoughtful approach to teen’s needs


Best one so far

by: Kevin Apgar

“Stallings takes a much darker turn with this novel than in her previous three outings and she does so very well. The sense of desperation and anguish on the part of Robyn is palpable and you definitely find yourself sympathizing with her. Stallings has created a very memorable character here… an Atticus Finch styled hero who refuses to let threats stop her from seeking the truth and justice. It would be interesting to see the author continue using Robyn Lockhart in future novels.”


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