Reflections on Life III: Posts from the Territory

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Reflections on Life III:
Posts from the Territory

~ Reflections on Life ~

Life. It sounds so easy.

But then you hit “the territory.”

Out in the territory–some call it the wilderness–you’re not on sure footing, you’re uncertain how to proceed and sometimes how to even survive. Maybe it’s a bout of unemployment or a divorce. Maybe it’s a loved one’s death or an illness.

The territory can be a frightening, overwhelming place.

In this candid, very personal collection of stories, Staci Stallings shares with her readers her own walks through in the territory. From the death of her brother through her son’s battle with dyslexia, Staci knows what it’s like to be in the disorienting sandstorms of life. Fortunately, she also knows that holding onto God and faith can see one through the “territories” of life that crop up no matter who you are or how much faith you have.

Find hope and healing, faith and peace in these pages. Let Staci share with you the lessons she has learned so you will come to realize that not only is there hope–even in what may appear to be hopeless situations, but that you are not alone in having “territory moments.” Most of all through these stories it will become clear that God truly is right there with you–even in the territory–every step of the way.

“Your words touched my heart and gave me cause to believe that what I’m going through right now has a purpose.”
Greg Parker, online reader

What Reviewers are saying…

You are not alone!

by: Farm Girl

Post from the Territory is Stallings’ third book in the Reflections on Life Series. I chose this particular book of Stallings to find out her perspective on dealing with “the territory.” Often you think of the Territory as an empty and lonely place. She talks about the wilderness being a place of “not knowing.” Stallings’ short stories certainly encouraged me that even in the wilderness, I am not alone and God has a plan for me. We all have mountains to climb. We all face adversities. Sometimes more than one at a time. These stories will encourage you, even if you feel out in the middle of nowhere and don’t know what to do, God is with you and will stand by you.

The story that sticks out the most to me talks about deep roots of a plant. Being a farm girl, I certainly understand the importance of a plant having deep roots. If corn does not root deeply, it does not take much of a storm to lay it out flat and make it worthless. Stallings’ story certainly showed me how I need to be deeply rooted in God to withstand these storms.

“I write about life, maybe in the hopes that you, the reader will see it and embrace it for all it is here to teach us.” says Stallings. I am thankful that Stallings is willing to share her stories, her lessons, so that I may learn of God’s love for me.

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