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Theirs is the Kingdom

Living in the Light Bible Studies

Book 1

Why does everything feel so hard? Why do accomplishments and awards feel so empty so quickly? Why does it feel like you are constantly running after rainbows that you never catch or when you do, they don’t satisfy like you thought they would?

In this amazing Bible Study, you will learn why being poor in spirit allows you to finally relax into what God is doing in your life. You will let go of chasing rainbows and start seeing them everywhere. Stop existing… Start living!

LIVING IN THE LIGHT BIBLE STUDIES presents this Bible study guide focusing on the first beatitude, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, theirs is the kingdom of God.” A Bible study for women and men alike, Theirs is the Kingdom will teach you the difference between living with God as your one and only source vs. using Him only as a resource. It will challenge you to reorient your view of faith and life and will almost certainly earn a spot on your most inspirational books list.


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Not Currently Available In Paperback

The Two Trees

Living in the Light Bible Studies

Book 2

The Bible says, “In the Garden, there were two trees…”

Eve made the mistake of eating from the wrong tree, and so do we. How can this one profound insight change your life completely? Find out!

“The Two Trees” is a Christian devotional / Bible Study that gives insight into the way God designed us to live–in peace and freedom. It maps out a way to get back to joy, peace, hope, and faith that will have believers shouting, “Yes! This is how I want to live!”

Find out how to go from fear to faith, from turmoil to peace, from sorrow to joy–just by changing which “tree” you are eating from. The insights will transform your prayer life, renew your relationships with yourself, your God, and everyone around you.

Short, easy-to-read and follow, this Bible Study will be the start of a brand new life filled with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, and most of all faith.

If your Christianity is feeling tired and boring, or worse you are approaching burn-out, then this Bible Study is for you. It’s time to break out of boring and start living the way God intended from the very beginning–in abundance and incredible joy!


Amazon Kindle

Not Currently Available In Paperback

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Living in the Light Bible Studies

Book 3

God didn’t give us a list of “random words” when He spelled out the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. When you understand not just the words but how they each work in concert with the others, the Christian life and walk becomes an adventure you never expected!

Start your journey… take the seven gifts and start using them in your life today!

LIVING IN THE LIGHT BIBLE STUDIES presents The Gifts of the Holy Spirit, a Bible study guide on receiving and using the gifts of the Spirit. This Bible study for women and men alike will open your eyes to the power of what God has already given you and is already working in your life. Understand and start using these gifts, and this book will surely become one of the most inspirational books you have available as a Christian resource in your life.

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