ACFW Virtual Conference: Day 4, Push v Pull Tweeting

September 2, 2013 | No comments yet

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by:  Staci Stallings

Push vs. Pull Tweeting

Remember what I said about early Twitter marketers saying 80% should be social and 20% should be selling tweets?

The dynamic they are talking about is push vs. pull tweeting.

In the simplest form, pull tweets do not require the follower to do anything.  Think great quotes and Scripture verses.  I love these and often RT (retweet) them to my followers.  I follow multiple feeds that ALL they tweet is these types of pull tweets, and they are often very successful in that they acquire a lot of followers.  The one thing they do not EVER do is sell or even have links.

Most of you won’t have this type of feed, but they are great to follow so you can RT them and use them as pull tweets.  Basically, pull tweets are those that encourage someone to follow you.

Push tweets are those tweets that try to sell something to the follower.  They “push” a product–say a book or a course.

Hybrid tweets are those that take a follower not to a product page but to an informational page such as a blog post.

In the truest sense, someone who is seen as an expert can use pull tweets even with their push (sell) tweets.

Let’s say I’m an author who wants to learn to market.  If I follow an author who writes a blog about how to market and that author tweets links to their blog, that is a “pull” tweet for me because it attracts me to them and makes me want to follow them.  So, you have to figure out who you want your followers to be and tweet out things (pull tweets) that will attract them.

These blog types of tweets are really a hybrid of push vs. pull as the link leads not to a hard-sell page but to a page with good information.  For example, the link leads to a blog post or a contest or giveaway.

A true push tweet is one that links to a hard-sell page—i.e. an Amazon book page or a page about your for-purchase “how to tweet” system.

Push tweet: Ten years later.  Everything has changed, or has it…?  REUNION by @StaciStallings #Christfic #buyindie

Pull tweet: Through Christ Jesus, God takes away our sins and gives us His righteousness. So stop feeling guilty about yourself.

Hybrid tweet (leads to a blog post): Ever been bullied by words? HOW TO HANDLE HURTFUL WORDS-ONE #devotion #inspire

Want to learn to bulk upload tweets?  Check out this Bonus Day of the Twitter Course!

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