Mental Triggers: Depression

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September 1, 2014 | No comments yet

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by:  Staci Stallings


With the death of Robin Williams, depression has been talked about, debated, discussed, and argued about a lot in the past couple of weeks.

From what I have read and seen, there are three “camps” in the discussion of depression.

1) Those who have never had depression who either sympathize or judge those who are in depression.

2) Those who have had severe depression and think that judging those who kill themselves is the way to keep themselves from doing the same (or who are congratulating themselves for being “strong” and “loving my family more than that”).

3) Those who have depression and who so far have not killed themselves but who understand how someone might get to that point because they’ve experience it.

Within these confines, you have spider-groups…

Those who think that by leveling a judgment on those with depression, they will keep them from acting out a suicide attempt.

Those who can’t imagine being so depressed to “do something like that,” and “why can’t they just cheer up?”

Those who have had or are in depression and know the battle is more dire than others realize.

And on and on.

I don’t know where you fall on any of these scales.  I don’t know if you’ve suffered from depression in the past or if this shadow has never darkened your doorstep. So understand that what I say here is MY thoughts on the subject and not a definitive treatise on treatment or a judgment about how you deal with depression in your own life.

First, I will tell you this:

I believe many cases of depression START as physical issues.  Deficiencies in iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin B-12, and minerals can all make it more challenging for the brain and the body to work and cope with life.  The more challenging it is for your brain and body to work, the more likely it is that you fall into the grip of depression.

So, the first “manual default” I would set up is this:  If I feel crummy or things start to feel overwhelming, look at what I am feeding myself.  Check for deficiencies and get them remedied.  Check if I’m getting enough sleep and good sleep. If not, do something to remedy that.

In short, is there a physical issue causing my depression?

Once you take care of that (or rule it out), look at your next triggers that might be pushing you into depression…

Emotionally, am I overwhelmed with something and I need to ask for help to get through it?  (College students can fall into this trap easily because they are suddenly cut off from their support systems at home.)  Has life dealt me a hand that I didn’t expect or know what to do with?

Is something physically wrong with me (even the effects of aging can bring on depression)?  If so, is there something I can do to mitigate the issue?  If not, is there someone I can talk with to vent about it so I don’t feel isolated in dealing with it?

Is this something that’s happening because I’m worried about some life issue — financial, taking care of parents, my weight or health, etc.?  What steps can I take to get that under control?

Spiritually, depression can be brought on by a spiritual attack from Satan (and it is often a mixture of emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental issues).

If you feel like you are being attacked, remember the prayer:

“Satan and all your minions, you are hereby cast out and away from me and from this situation by the Holy Blood of Jesus Christ, and you are sent to the throne of the Most High God to be dealt with there as He sees fit.  Dear Jesus, I need You to come and be with me today…”  Then lay your burdens at the foot of the Cross.

I well know that when a full-blown Satanic attack hits, you may have to say this prayer multiple times to feel at peace.  AND you may be rocking along, doing quite well, and then BAM, you’re back in the depression.  Just know that you are NOT at the mercy of the demons who are out to take you down!

Ask for prayer from others.  Pray for yourself!

I told a friend of mine recently, who was going through depression that was a combination of emotional/physical/spiritual attacks that was causing major mental issues… Don’t think you are helpless!  ATTACK BACK!

Attack the depression physically by getting your vitamins and your minerals, water, and sleep.  Stop any toxic habits like alcohol, drugs, or even cheeseburgers!

Attack the depression emotionally by doing what you can to mitigate the worry over the issue.  If it’s financial, make a plan, and take the steps to carry it out.  If it’s something that you’re feeling isolated over, find someone to talk it out.  DON’T just let the overwhelm take over.

Attack the depression spiritually.  Arm yourself with the prayer and say it often.  Mentally invite Jesus to walk with you every step!

If you are not someone who is depressed but you are dealing with someone who is, know that prayer and talking things out DO help.  Also, get help for yourself if you feel you need it.

We were never meant to walk this path alone!


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