The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

“Taking ‘the list’ and turning it into the Spirit-led life!”
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit FINAL God didn’t give us a list of “random words” when He spelled out the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. When you understand not just the words but how they each work in concert with the others, the Christian life and walk becomes an adventure you never expected! Start your journey… take the seven gifts and start using them in your life today!

LIVING IN THE LIGHT BIBLE STUDIES presents The Gifts of the Holy Spirit, a Bible study guide on receiving and using the gifts of the Spirit. This Bible study for women and men alike will open your eyes to the power of what God has already given you and is already working in your life. Understand and start using these gifts, and this book will surely become one of the most inspirational books you have available as a Christian resource in your life.

What Reviewers are saying…

Taking ‘the list’ and turning it into the Spirit-led life!

by: Richard and Liz

Knowledge * Understanding * Wisdom * Right Counsel * Fortitude * Piety * Fear of the Lord

Are you a person that has certain Bible lists memorized but have not really applied them to your heart? In this Bible study, Staci shows you how to make the ‘Gifts of the Spirit’ list a living reality in your life. Grab hold of it today and get excited about walking in the gifts that the Holy Spirit has for each of us.

Maybe you have never heard of the Gifts of the Spirit, let alone memorized them? Grab hold as well!

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