Physical Triggers: Weight & Weight Loss

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August 21, 2014 | No comments yet

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by:  Staci Stallings

So often writing about inspirational topics and specifically with God, I become amazed at how He works in spite of my agenda.  Here is a GREAT example of that.

When I started this series, I wrote down and organized the topics I wanted to cover (that I had something to say about).  I had every intention of writing about this one a week ago, but God knew better.  See, a week or two ago, I wouldn’t have been able to write about this the way I can today because I didn’t know about this two weeks ago (actually, I’d just started reading the book and was intrigued but not convinced through experience yet).

Well, here I am with the answer God showed me on this topic, and it’s going to change your life if you let it.

First, the trigger of weight and weight loss.  It’s a monster, right?

I know. I’m with you!

I once told my mom that I wished we had dials on our foreheads to show us like your car… what we were low in, what we’d had too much of, etc.  Because it seemed like no matter what I ate, I gained weight.

In fact, my April slide through neck pain horror was the direct result of trying to lose weight.  My plan was to exercise to get into shape.  Great plan, right?

Yeah, for me, not so much.

I started exercising 10,000 steps a day because that’s what they said was healthy.  What they failed to mention was if your neck is weak, that will exacerbate bone spurs and wind you up in bed for multiple weeks!

And the eating front for me wasn’t any better.  I tried to eat “right.”  I tried to eat “healthy,” but I was going backward.

So, I know all the triggers of weight and weight loss… like “how could I have GAINED weight?!” “why does nothing I do work?” “why can’t I stick to a diet?” “why do I do so good in the morning and then by afternoon I want to eat the wallpaper off the wall?”

I know how one candy can turn into a 10 and a few chips can turn into the whole bag.

I also know the guilt that comes when that happens.  I know how the trigger of “I messed up again” can result in the default setting of “forget it. I give up!”

Yes, I know all about those.

But today, I want to do something I haven’t yet done much in this series:  Give you a concrete way to stop the physical triggers of weight and weight loss in their tracks!

Now, I do have to mention that this will take some effort (not willpower but effort) on your part, but it is not hard.

If weight and weight loss is one of your triggers, I want you to get this book:

Yes, it’s called “Done With Being Fat,” which is kind of an interesting title, but the author is a comedian, so it’s a catchy title to get your attention.

Now for a moment back to the God is so cool part of this story.

I had downloaded this book to my Kindle some time ago.  I don’t know when or why.

One day about 3 weeks ago, I was searching for something to read while out and about and the title caught my attention.  So, with a sigh of “I’ve done this a million times and nothing has worked,” I clicked on it.  And I started reading.

I read and I read, and I got more and more fascinated.

Mr. Hale starts with a premise most people don’t… there is no diet on the planet that is right for everyone.  What YOUR body wants can be found by monitoring your body chemistry (there’s those dials I was talking about!).

And so I started reading some more and I started implementing the things he talked about for MY body’s chemistry, and lo and behold, it’s actually working! (I KNOW, right?!)

The craziest thing is, it’s not hard.  I am now feeding my body what it needs, and so it doesn’t freak out with cravings anymore.

There’s far too much to go into here, but I will tell you this book is and has changed my life.

Interestingly right before I started reading this book, when I started writing this series, I actually figured out one of my triggers in this area.  It was the question I was asking myself when I got hungry.

Every day I would go to the kitchen and I would ask myself, “What sounds good?”

My brain would respond:  a sandwich, chips, etc.  It could also respond a doughnut, a candy bar.  But my brain would always answer “What sounds good?”

When I figured out about the triggers and defaults, I started asking myself a different question when I was hungry:  ”What would be good for me to eat?”

Guess what?  My brain answered that question as well: “Lettuce, cherries, carrots, celery.”

Changing that ONE question started me on the road to much better health!

The book took it the next step, and each thing I implement from the book takes it a step farther.

I have not felt this good in AGES, and I honestly believe if I keep this up, I will be in much better shape by Christmas than I have been in years.

What a fun thing to look forward to.  And it all started with changing my trigger question and taking the steps God was asking me to take.

How awesome is that?

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