“Fill”: The Well, Casting Crowns

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March 4, 2013 | No comments yet

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by:  Staci Stallings

There is one word in the song “The Well” by Casting Crowns which trips everyone up.  I saw one lady go to town on Casting Crowns for using the wrong word and then she proceeded to fill it in with a “wronger” word.

I love my son dearly, but he is the funniest little guy when it comes to songs.  Because he doesn’t know all the words doesn’t prevent him from singing right along–with whatever words happen to fit.  Some of them make sense.  Others just don’t but come out really funny as he tries to get them to.

For example, one day we were listening to “Call Me Maybe”  (I know. It’s what you do when you’re the mom of kids.)  He didn’t know what she said at the part of “at first sight and it’s real.”  I don’t remember the words he was singing, but it was NOT those.  Okay, it took me about six times of really listening to it to come up with what she was saying, but it cracked me up how he just made up words to go there.

But the truth is, I’ve done that too.  When I was very young–about 5 or 6–I used to go to church with my grandmother.  She could have put NASCAR to shame with the speed of her prayers.  At our church, they would do the litany of the saints.  Someone would say the name of a saint, and everyone would respond “Pray for us.”  However, my grandmother said it so fast, it came out, “Praper us.”  I was about 16 before I figured out that “Praper us” was not what everyone else was saying.

So I totally understand about this word in “The Well.”

The line is talking about the world and what the world cannot do for us.  The line goes:

“The world will try, but it can never… “

The person transcribing the line on You Tube filled in the word “feel.”For Real Ad

The woman who got mad said the word should be “fail.”  To which someone said, “The world fails all the time!  Don’t say the world can never fail!”

HAHA!  See what trouble we get into when we “fill” in the wrong word?

The word is “fill.”

“The world will try, but it can never FILL.  So leave it all behind, and come to the well.”

That is accurate.  The world will/can/does try to “fill” us with all of these other things–money, success, achievements, fear, worry, stress, deadlines, etc.  And although those things “fill” our lives, they “feel” very empty.

So if you’re feeling empty after all the stuff the world has tried to fill your life with, take that as a sign that it’s time to come to the well!


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