Speaking God into Life

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August 6, 2012 | No comments yet

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by:  Staci Stallings

God is the great I Am.

It isn’t about “He was” or He “will be.”  HE IS.  Right here.  Right now. Present.  This minute.

The next minute.

And the next.

There was never a time He didn’t exist, and there will never be a time He doesn’t exist.

He’s kind of like air in that it just… is.

It was here before man realized it was.  Man can do nothing to make more of it.  It just.. is.  Except someday, it might not be.  That’s where God and air are different.

Hard concept to grasp, but important for Prophets and Sowers to understand.

Why?  Because until you grasp that God is here, it’s hard to speak Him into anyone’s life.

If you believe that God existed a long time ago, but He doesn’t now.  Or that He set the earth into motion and is just kind of watching it twirl, what’s the point of speaking Him into anyone’s life?

So first understand that God is here.  Second, that God really is love.  The essence of God’s Being is love.  There is no part of God that is not love.  He is perfect love–merciful, kind, just, ever-present, unconditional love.  The wrath of God toward evil is borne out of His immense love for us.  He doesn’t want us hurt.  He wants us all to love and to learn to love.  When we do that, we are speaking God into other people’s lives.

God is also life itself.  Without God, there would be no life.  So when you speak God’s love into someone else, you are literally speaking His life into them.

Has anyone ever spoken God’s love and life into you?  Have you ever been discouraged, downtrodden, hurt, and someone came along and gave you the courage and encouragement to get up again?

Prophets and Sowers know this is no easy task.

Most of the time it is not a one-shot-and-done deal.  Look at Isaiah who lived approximately 100 years.  He spent most of his life speaking God into people’s lives, and still not everyone was changed.  Look at John the Baptist who gave his very life for the cause of speaking God and the coming of Jesus into people’s lives.

This is not an easy calling.

Even if you don’t have to die for the cause of Jesus, speaking God into people’s lives is not easy.  People will reject you.  They will berate you and call you stupid.  They will beat you up emotionally and question your sanity.  You will have to get very good at going to God and God alone for your acceptance, worth, and love, because frankly the hard-paved people of the world can be downright vicious.

The ones who do listen may have lots of rocks in their soil that you are going to have to clear away, and that is going to take time and being willing to forgo your own time and agenda to the belief that this is worth it.  Further, while you’re clearing the rocks, they may be confronted with thorns–or you may be.

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Make no mistake, speaking God into lives is not for the feint of heart.  So you are going to have to make a decision–cutting yourself away from all other options–if you truly want to be a Prophet and a Sower in the lives of those around you.

And then you’re going to have to commit time, talents, and treasure to the cause.  That may mean making time on Sundays to go to church and staying afterward to teach.  It may mean going to a meeting during the week that you’d rather not.  Being a Prophet and a Sower is going to require something of you, and only you can make the choice.

But the truth is you have been given a great gift.  A gift that surpasses all other gifts.  The Jesus Seed has been planted in your life, in your heart.  The question is, what are you going to do with it now?

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