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May 21, 2009 | 1 Comment

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By:  Staci Stallings

Today’s post will be a little different.  I write the VBS plays for our VBS (Vacation Bible School) week at our church.  I wrote this play the other night and couldn’t help but think how familiar it sounded to my life.  See if you agree…

Libby (from behind the gate):  God is good…

Everyone:  All the time!

(Keep chanting this as you come through the gate.  Moses & Aaron lead.  When you get to the steps everyone stops.)

Moses:  Okay. Okay.  That’s enough.  You’re hurting my ears.

Aaron:  Come on, Moses. You can’t blame them for being excited.  I mean when God split the Red Sea, that was AWESOME.

Moses:  True, but I’m tired, Aaron.  We’ve been walking all day. I think we should camp here for the night.

Aaron:  Okay, everyone.  Pick your place.  We’re stopping here.

(General:  Great. I’m tired.  What a day…. Everyone finds a place and goes to sleep.)

Libby:  Okay, but just so you know, God really IS good.

Everyone:  All the time…

(Pause.  Megan comes out with the ONE WEEK LATER sign.)

(Everyone wakes up slowly.  No one is in a good mood.)

Libby:  UGH! How long are we going to be out in this desert?  I’m tired.  I haven’t slept right since we left Egypt.Lucky Excerpt

Audry:  Yeah, whose dumb idea was this anyway?

(Start to get up.)

Regina:  Come on, guys.  It’s not that bad.  Remember?  God is good…. All the time.

Libby:  Yeah.  Yeah. Yeah.

(Start off to the center steps.)

Chester:  Blah. Blah. Blah.  If God is so good, then why am I so hungry?

Everyone:  Yeah.  We’re hungry!  Starving!  I want McDonald’s.  There’s no McDonald’s out here.  There’s nothing out here but SAND, SAND, and MORE SAND!

Chester:  Everybody’s hungry, Moses.  What are you going to do about it?

Aaron:  They really ARE hungry, Moses.  And I don’t blame them.  We’ve been walking out here in this desert for days with nothing to eat and no shelter.

Moses:  What do you want me to do about it?

Aaron:  I don’t know.  Talk to God.  We could sure use a miracle right about now.

(Nearing the steps)

Michaela:  I’m tired of walking.

Seana:  Yeah, my feet hurt.

Audry:  YOUR feet?  I lost one of my shoes three miles back.  And my back is killing me.  I’ve got to at least sit down and rest.

Seana:  Please, Moses.  Please can we stop and rest?

(General moaning and groaning until you’re at the steps)

Aaron:  Maybe we should make camp here tonight, Moses.  It wouldn’t hurt to rest.

Chester:  Or to EAT.  Did I mention I’m HUNGRY?!

Everyone:  Yeah.  We’re hungry.  (more general complaining and whining)

Moses:  Okay. Okay. Okay. Take it easy.  Just go to sleep.  I’ll talk to God and see what He can do about it.

Chester:  God?  God doesn’t care about us.  Don’t you get it? We’re out here, starving to death in the desert, and it’s all God’s fault.

Regina:  It is not God’s fault.  God’s the One who got us OUT of slavery.

Chester:  Yeah, so we could come out here and DIE.

Aaron:  Hey!  That’s enough. Moses said he will talk with God about it.  He’ll talk with God.  Now let’s all just get some sleep.

(Chester goes off grumbling.  Everyone lays down.  Moses goes a little ways away.)

Moses:  God, I know you brought us safely out of Egypt, not to mention across the Red Sea, and that parting it thing really was cool.  But God, the people, Your people are hungry.  Please, Lord.  Please help us find some food.  Thank You for all You’ve done for us.  Amen. (then Moses lays down)

(The angels come out and put “manna” on the Israelites.)

(A beat and everyone starts to wake up.)

Libby:  What?  What’s this?

Audry:  I don’t know.  (She tastes it.)  Hmm… It’s kind of like… bread.  Kind of.

Seana:  Is it good?

Audry:  Yeah, try it.

(Everyone starts eating.)

Allison:  It’s food!  It’s really food!

Regina:  We’re saved!

(Everyone jumps up and starts dancing around all happy.)

Libby:  God is good…

Everyone:  All the time!

(Continue the chant down the sidewalk.  When you get to the railing (in front of it)…)

Chester:  I’m tired.  Can’t we rest?  We’ve been walking for like… YEARS.

Audry:  Yeah, and now I lost my other shoe!  I’m so tired.  I don’t think I can take another step!

Libby:  Me, too.  I’m so tired I could go to sleep and meet myself coming the other way.

Aaron:  We could make camp here, Moses.  It’s not like we haven’t done ten miles or better today.

Moses:  Okay.  Okay.  We’ll rest.

(Everyone lays down and falls asleep.  Angels come out and put more “manna” on each person.)


(Waking up.  They eat the manna through the next scene.)

Libby:  Oh, man.  Manna… AGAIN.  I am so SICK of manna.

Audry:  You’re sick of manna?  I can’t even look at the stuff anymore.

Regina:  Come on, guys.  God sent it, we should be thankful for what He’s done for us, feeding us out here in this God-forsaken desert, with the sun beating down, and the sand for MILES, going around this same mountain… say, is it me, or does this place look familiar?

Michaela:  You know, now that you mention it.  It DOES look familiar.  Haven’t we been here before?

Chester:  I don’t know about that.  What I DO know is that I AM TIRED OF EATING JUST MANNA all the time.  Manna.  Manna.  Manna.  Every stinking morning.  That’s all we get.  I don’t know WHY God can’t send us some protein.  I need my protein!  I’m going to lose my muscles I’ve been working so hard on building if I don’t get some protein and SOON.

Seana:  Oh, yeah, we wouldn’t want THAT.

Moses:  We’d better go.

Audry:  Go?  Go where, Moses?  To see more sand?  Haven’t we seen enough sand?

Michaela:  We’re probably going to see the OTHER side of the mountain.  Because I’m sure it looks way different than this side.

(Let the kids go first. Start walking up and around the ramp.)

Aaron:  Stop complaining for once, and you might see what God has done for us.

Chester:  What God has done?  Oh, good grief.  Are you going to start that again? (sarcastically)  God is good… all the time. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Libby:  Yeah! What has He done for us lately?  That’s what I want to know.

(General moaning and complaining going into the hut)

Aaron:  Moses we should stop here for the night.  The people are really getting restless and tired.

Moses:  They’re getting restless and tired?  I’m getting restless and tired… OF THEM.  Do they have to complain all the time?  Can’t they see what God has done for them and be thankful for once?

Aaron:  Moses, calm down.  Listen.  I know.  I get it.  I do.  But they need some rest.

Chester:  And protein!  Don’t forget protein!

Aaron (to Moses):  Just say some prayers to God.  Maybe He’s got a plan we just can’t see.

Moses:  Okay.  (to everyone)  We’ll camp here tonight, and I’ll talk to God… about the protein issue.

(Everyone lays down.  Moses goes off to the side.)

Moses:  God, I don’t know if you’re getting tired of these people, but I sure am.  All they do is whine and complain about everything even when You take good care of them.  (sighing)  Please, Lord.  Please send us something to go along with the manna.  Oh, and thanks for the manna.  Amen. (He goes to sleep.)

(Angels bring out manna and quail.)

(A moment and the Israelites begin to wake up.)

Libby:  Hey, what’s this?

Chester:  PROTEIN!  Woohoo!  God is good…

Everyone:  All the time!

Chester:  Let’s cook it.

(They sit around the campfire and play eat.  Pass the quail back to the back.)

General:  This is good.  Excellent.  It tastes like chicken.  God is AWESOME!  Yeah!  Go God!

Moses:  It’s getting late.  I think we’ll just camp here tonight.

(Everyone lays down.  Angels come out and put manna and quail back out.)


(Waking up)

Libby:  Ugh.  You’ve got to be kidding me.  This is like a bad nightmare that NEVER ends!

Allison:  More quail?  More?  What I wouldn’t give for a salad.

Seana:  With blue cheese dressing.

Michaela:  And olives.

Audry:  Olives?  (sighing as if that’s a beautiful dream)  I would love some olives.

Chester:  You can have the olives.  What I need is some WATER.  I’m so thirsty if I tried to spit, I couldn’t!

Allison:  Yeah. How long have we been out here anyway?  I lost track like 42 days ago.

Audry:  Ah, dude. Why’d you have to go and say water?  I was doing just fine until you mentioned THAT.  Now I’m thirsty too.

(General:  Yeah, me too!  I’m SO thirsty.)

Regina:  I’m sure God would provide if Moses would just ask Him to.

Seana:  Then what are you waiting for, Moses?  Us to dehydrate out here?

(General:  Yeah, we want some water.  What are you waiting for?)

Moses:  (Shakes his head):  You have GOT to be kidding me.

Aaron:  Moses, please, just ask God.  He’s taken care of us this long.  I’m sure He won’t let us down now.

Moses:  I don’t know WHY He wouldn’t. I’d have thrown the whole lot of them overboard six months ago.

Aaron:  Just ask.  Please.

Moses:  Fine.  (He goes over to the side and kneels down.)  God, it’s me again, Moses.  Listen, I know You’re probably sick of hearing from me, but we’ve really got a situation down here.  We need some water, but there’s a little problem with that.  We’re like out in the desert, and like there’s no water around.

God:  Moses.

Moses:  Yes, God?

God:  Go strike the rock with your staff.

Moses:  Strike the rock with my staff?  What good is that going to do?

God:  Moses, stop listening to the doubts of the people.  Listen to Me.  Strike the rock with your staff, and watch the power of the Living God.

Moses:  O…kay.  (He gets up and goes back to the group.)

Aaron:  What did God say?

Moses:  He said to strike this here rock with my staff.

Aaron:  Strike the rock with your staff?  What good is that going to do?

Moses:  That’s what I said.  (He goes to the rock, stands over it, and exhales as the doubt leaves.  Slowly he lifts the staff and then lowers it and touches the rock. Instantly water comes out.)

Chester:  Water? Do I hear water?

Audry:  From a rock?

Michaela:  I don’t believe it.

(Chester goes over to it and starts splashing it.)

Chester:  Well, believe it!  It’s for real.

Regina:  All right!  Go God.

Libby:  God is good…

Everyone:  All the time!

I don’t know about you, but that sounds WAY too familiar!

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  1. Dennis says: May 22, 2009

    Way too familiar, although I do like blue cheese dressing made with Maytag Blue Cheese. It’s made in Iowa you know. Well done, Staci.



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