More Thoughts on “Fill”: The Well, Casting Crowns

March 7, 2013 | 2 Comments

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by:  Staci Stallings

The idea of “filling” is very interesting.  We understand it.  We say, “I’m full” when we finish a meal.  We take the trash out when it’s “full.”  We look at our gas tank and think we need to “fill” it up again.

So “filling” is very basic to our existence.

That’s why it was interesting today that the Holy Spirit would talk to me about “filling” some more.  My plan was to go on with the song, but apparently, we’re not done with this word.

The Scripture passage that the Holy Spirit brought to mind was the one in which Peter is out on the water fishing.  It’s late, and they haven’t caught anything all day.  One year during VBS, we did part of this scene with Peter on land, going through his nets to see what he’s caught.  As I recall, he had an old boot, a bowling pin, someone’s old cell phone (I know, there weren’t cell phones OR bowling pins back then, but it makes the kids laugh and be engaged with the story).

Anyway, Peter was not very happy with his “catch.”  He was muttering about where was Andrew and how Andrew was always late, how his brother had said he wanted to go into business with him, but now where was he.  It was quite humorous.

The thing is as this thought streamed through my head, I realized how like Peter I am.

I mean, I’ve been out here “fishing,” and yes, sometimes my boat seems really full.  Then there are other times when I’m just tired of working and working and working and not being… ful-filled.  Get that?


Filled all the way to the top, overflowing?

That’s the way we are meant to live… filled to the top and overflowing, shaken and pressed down, until absolutely no more wonderful could possibly get in.

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So why, as Christians are we not living there?

I think the story of Peter fishing tells us.  It’s because we’re out there on our own.  We’re doing, doing, doing–by ourselves, on our own power, in our own wisdom.

And to make a long story short, as Peter found out, that will NEVER fill our boat!  We will fish and fish and fish, and still feel empty, still be empty.

Interestingly however, I have read many accounts of Godly people, people who are truly being led by God and are walking with Him, and one thing I’ve noticed over and over again is it wasn’t their circumstances that determined if their boat was filled or not.

It was their faith in the Person of Jesus Christ.  It was knowing He was in the boat with them.

Good catch.  Bad catch.  Worked out or not.  Having Jesus in the boat with them was what determined if they felt full-filled or completely empty.

In fact, I’ve known some people who from the outside looked like they had a pretty full boat but who inside were completely empty.

Don’t let that be you.  Invite Jesus into your boat.  Put the catch in His hands. Do what He says.

And whatever you catch, it will always “feel” and “be” enough!

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  1. Catherine Kirby says: May 15, 2013

    People who do not have this kind of faith may be put off by feeling unable to identify with bible stories. These happened long ago in an ancient world, which may seem to have no connection to their lives in the modern world, where most people aren’t fishermen, or prophets, or Messiahs. I see what you’re saying but if a person has no faith asking them to invite Jesus on-board can sound as meaningless as asking them to invite a fairy to visit. I am a Christian and I have faith myself but even I find this kind of thing a little difficult to cope with because it presumes it can appeal to non believers. Truly I’d be very surprised if it does although I do admire you for being so honest and upfront about your own beliefs. Maybe it would be more useful to ask people to give their thoughts and offer you own as a discussion. What do you think? I find the idea of spreading the gospel as a sort of preaching command would these days be more a command to share, and to listen, and try to understand and care and give and take any suggestions or invitations as directed by that process. Just my thoughts here.

    • Staci says: May 15, 2013

      I’m not sure that this particular post was for “people who do not have faith.” This was for the Peters of the world, who supposedly DO have faith but it’s leaving them feeling empty because their faith is in themselves, not in Jesus.

      I cannot say what would be more useful. I can say that this, right here, right now is doing what God’s asked me to do. And it’s so interesting that you mentioned the Bible stories. When I get the chance, the next series I want to do is is how the Bible is a book of examples, not a book of exceptions–how all those fishermen and prophets in the “ancient world” are exactly like us today. We think it’s an old book that doesn’t really tell us about today, but we are very, very wrong in that assumption.

      As for spreading the gospel, I assure you that this blog is one very small part of how I do that in my life. :) I appreciate the post and pray you have an inspired day in which your life is filled to overflowing!


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