Marketing Books in the Real World

February 2, 2012 | No comments yet

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I’m going to spend one quick day on this topic and then we’re transferring over to virtual world marketing.

In the real world, brick and mortar stores, there are two ways to get your books on the shelves:

1) Be traditionally published

2) Do consignment or small house placement

If you are traditionally published, congratulations. This road will be far easier for you than for others. However, you still must get out there and market even if you are traditionally published. In bookstore terms this breaks down to:

1) Holding events like booksignings and publicizing them in local papers and on radio, etc.

2) Handing out bookmarks for the event or for your books.  Keep some on-hand to give out anywhere you go.  You never know when you will strike up a conversation that leads around to your books.

3)  Doing press releases and maybe even speaking with groups.

If you are not traditionally published and you get your books into a bookstore, congrats! You can also do booksignings, handing out bookmarks, and speeches.

Also, watch for events like “Friends of the Library” or “Mystery Day” to join in on if possible.

I have also heard of authors who make trade shows and book fairs their #1 marketing choice. They go around to the book trade shows, set up a booth, and talk to people one-on-one about their books.  So maybe that’s something you could consider as well.

Finally, in the real world, going to your local library to have a booksigning there might be an option as well.  You could read from your book or just lead a book discussion.

I’m sure there are many other ways to market in the real world. If you know something that works, please feel free to list it below.  We would love to hear from you!

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