Life As Rocket Science, Part 4: Eating and Moving

September 17, 2012 | No comments yet

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by:  Staci Stallings

I’ve been reading a fascinating book called Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat.  In this book, the author Gregory Kuhn discusses how in regular physics we believe what we see, but in quantum physics we see what we believe.  That is fascinating to me.

Last time I talked about my son and his struggles with homework.  See, to me, I see the spelling words and they are easy.  So it’s easy.  But when he looks at them, they look like a mountain and he gets overwhelmed so easily.  That’s why we’re having to experiment with ways to figure out how to get it so he sees them as easy and not as impossible.

Same thing with my friend and the weight issue.  She has looked at the problem and decided it’s impossible to lose weight, so… it’s impossible to lose weight!  She is getting what she believes.  She is seeing what she already believes.

That is true so often.  I think it’s one reason why the positive thinking movement sprang up–because when everyone was saying, “I can’t,” and someone finally figured out that when you say, “I can’t” you will get those results, then the obvious solution is to say, “I can.”  Of course, we’ve now found the limits of that application because just because you say you can, doesn’t mean you believe you can!

That’s why I started saying, “I can’t” — because sometimes I really believe I can’t.  “But God can.”  Because I believe God always can.  So now I say, “I can’t but God can” because that is something I do believe and it frees me up to do whatever God tells me to do, which oftentimes solves the issue I was having.

In fact, one of the main points of the Quantum Physicist book is learning to tell yourself the best story you can that is believable.  Kuhn says (and I agree) that we all tell ourselves stories each day.  We tell stories to ourselves about our ability to do something, our time, our talents, our effort, our circumstances.  And what we TELL ourselves becomes what we BELIEVE and is thus what we see.

In the area of weight loss he talks about how we have told ourselves about diet and exercise so long that those two have become hated, loathsome words.

So, one of the experiments he talks about doing is substituting words for diet and exercise.  The two words he says to try substituting are:  eating and moving.

I thought that was really cool.  When I think of diet and exercise, my body and spirit tense up.  I feel guilty about how little exercise I’m getting and I worry about how my diet is going.  But when I simply replace those two words with eating and moving, suddenly my body and spirit relaxes!  Eat and move?  Well, I do those two every day!

I’ll let Mr. Kuhn tell you what cool stories to tell yourself when you experiment with the words eating and moving, but for now, that’s something else you can experiment with in your own life.


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