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February 21, 2012 | 1 Comment

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Landing pages and learning to design them are critical in building an effective marketing campaign.

Landing pages can be any of the following:


blog page or post

Amazon buy page



Guest blog

Amazon author page

Basically they are anything you would choose to point to for readers to JUMP that would continue the relationship.

The ultimate “Landing Page” is your book.  So remember, before you do any of the rest of this, make sure that book is Top Notch and ready to reel readers into becoming repeat readers!

Now, your Landing Page should ideally walk the reader through the promo chain again.  To do this on pages you control (like website and blog), you need to think about the theme of what you’re wanting to convey.

If you write suspense, you don’t want your blog theme to be wine and roses.  Conversely, if you write romance, don’t make the theme of your site dogs and cats.  Think all the way through your campaign.  If you write romance and want a site about dogs and cats, then you need to do 2 separate sites as those would attract two different audiences.

On a side note, some authors fall into the trap of making their website or blog be about writing.  Now I have no objection to this per say.  Just know that if you do that, you will be attracting writers and authors, not readers.  And most writers/authors are focused on their books, not yours.

Once you get the reader to your landing page, you must then walk them back through the promo chain.  So let’s say that you have a blog post.  You write a great tweet and get people to jump to the blog post.  Now what?

Your headline and your hook need to grab their attention.  Then provide great info.  Now they are beginning to see you as someone with valuable information.  At the end of the post, make a request and provide a JUMP.

For me, this is a promo of one of my books usually and links to Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

You might want to make this a JUMP to your website or to another article.  Think through where you want them to jump to.

If you don’t have control over the landing page (i.e. it’s a guest blog or interview), be sure to do as much of the promo chain as possible.  And anyone who does an interview or lets you do a guest blog should be willing to let you have a tag back to your own stuff.  Think those through!

Good luck and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. Alfonso says: February 21, 2012

    thank u very much 4 this post; i agree with you on everything!


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