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September 5, 2008 | No comments yet

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By:  Staci Stallings

You know, there are some things about writing that are just kind of odd.  Like when you pick up the phone and someone says to you, “It’s 2008.”  Uh-huh.  I knew that.  “Well, where’s the book?  It says here it’s coming out in 2008.  It’s 2008.  Where’s the sequel? I want to read it NOW!”

This was an actual conversation on like January 12th of 2008.  I can get a verifiable reference from the person who made that call (and who is right now laughing hysterically as she reads this!) that this call actually took place.  The truth is, I’ve gotten a lot of strange calls like this.  For example, the time I picked up the phone and the caller said, “I’m going to slap you silly.  You did NOT write that book.  I could not put it down…” 

Those kinds of calls tend to stick in your mind long after you’ve gone on with your life.  But today, I fondly remember that January call because I can now officially announce that “Reunion”–the sequel that the caller could not wait to get and read has been officially released. 

I wanted to put said caller’s endorsement on the back, but others won out.  However, here is what she said about “Reunion” upon reading an advanced copy (sometimes you just have to bend the rules):

“Reunion”–a sequel well worth the wait.  It ties up all the loose ends, and it was so good. I loved it. Staci Stallings definitely knows how to get your attention and curiosity to its peak. This book shows you how true the saying is, “Good things come to those who wait”!

I think she liked it.  And now you can too.

Just go to:

And I also want to give a big shout out of thanks to Ash Arceneaux for the awesome cover design!  Wow!  What in the world was I worried about? ;)

Finally, let me just say that God is VERY good and VERY faithful.  There were times, especially with this one and “Dreams” that I wasn’t at all sure I would ever see either one in print.  But there’s no doubt in my mind that He had it all planned–even all the bumps along the way.  The publication of this book strengthens my faith that I never have to worry.  All I have to do is follow and do what He says, and my dreams will work out in His time, in His way, in His perfection.

How very comforting and restful that is to know that I don’t have to because He will…

Now onto the next step He’s got waiting for me!

Peace to all my readers and friends.  I really couldn’t do this without you!


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