I Love Writing; Reason 123

July 1, 2008 | No comments yet

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By: Dennis Bates

There are so many great things about writing; it’s hard to list them all. Of course, they would be different things for different people. In fact, on any given day, they might be different things for the same person. I’ll let you come up with your own list, but today I’m adding one more to my list.


Writing is portable.


With the wonders of the internet and a little thing called a broad band card I can get access to the internet anywhere I can get a mobile phone signal. Of course, there are wireless internet spots at a lot of coffee shops, some restaurants and most bookstores, but you have to go to those places to actually get access; some require a hook up fee, and most feel it’s only sporting if you purchase something from them while you’re there. That’s not unreasonable, but it’s not really necessary either.


Take right now, for instance. My wife and I are on vacation; she just finished breakfast, and I’m topping off my coffee mug. We are watching the Atlantic Ocean roll in for the morning, listening to the waves crash onto the beach from our 12th floor balcony less than 150 yards from the edge of the water. Earlier, we watched the dolphins cruise up and down off shore maybe another 50 yards out. The locals say they hire them to do that; frankly, I think they are looking for breakfast, although the local residents are pretty creative.


Our most significant decision today will be what time we take a walk on the beach. A close second will be what we do after that. My personal preference is to sit on the balcony and watch the surf casters fish. Jane is finishing up a novel called “Lucky” by some Texas woman named Staci Stallings. Yes, that’s a shameless promotion, but it’s also true.


Later today we’ll have to decide whether we are going out for dinner tonight or whether we will bring something back here and eat on the balcony. We seem to do that a lot even though there is an endless supply of great places to eat here. How do you top sitting on the balcony next to the woman you love and watching the waves come in?


We’re on New Smyrna Beach in Florida which is just south of Daytona and lightly north of Cape Canaveral. You can sometimes see the space launches from here. It has one of the most beautiful beaches anywhere and that includes Hawaii, but it is one of the best kept secrets around, until now anyway. It is laid back and family friendly, so we keep coming back here when we need to relax in a hurry. It takes me a good ten minutes to unwind after I arrive.


But here’s the best part. My latest book is about an Iowa couple that vacations here almost every year. Like all of my stories it’s a love story. This one is about a couple in their 60’s who still insist on living and loving each other, no matter how old they are. And I mean all of the living part. Hey, it happens.


So, not only am I writing and sharing all of this with my wife, but I’m doing research too, which as we all know, makes at least part of this tax deductible! Goodness, that’s another reason I love writing.




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