“Guilt that Weighs You Down”: The Well, Casting Crowns

May 6, 2013 | No comments yet

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by:  Staci Stallings

And here we come to the end of this inspiring song, but one final reason to go to the well remains:

“All the guilt that weighs you down…”

Maybe amazing isn’t the right word, but I’m going to use it anyway… Sometimes Satan is absolutely amazing in his audacity.

Think about it.  He is the one who gets you to doubt God.  He is the one who convinces you that going off the track of righteousness is a good and pleasing thing.  He’s the one who tells you that God isn’t really that big of a deal and wouldn’t this be fun?

Then about a second and a half after you do whatever it was you weren’t supposed to do (that he talked you into) in the first place, he spins on a dime and says, “Oh, my gosh!  What have you done?!”

Seriously.  Is that not audacious?  Is that not criminally twisted?

HE talks you into it and then condemns you for doing it!

And boy, is he good at it.

Ever eaten too many potato chips and felt horrible–physically and emotionally afterward?

Ever drank too much and told yourself what a horrible person you are for doing that?

Ever told someone off in anger and then felt guilty for saying those awful things?

Ever lied to get out of trouble and then worried what would happen if they found out even as your mind says you should have really told the truth, except now you can’t or you’ll be in even bigger trouble?!

Oh, Satan LOVES it when you feel guilty!

He will twist that knife in your heart and in your gut until you practically cannot breathe anymore.

He will tell you (after he told you God’s not THAT big of a deal) that God is now so angry with you that He can never forgive you.  You cannot tell God because God is righteous and you are a scumbag.

Ever felt that way?

Have you ever had a conversation with Satan about how bad you feel about doing whatever it was?  Does he tell you about forgiveness and the cross?  NO!  He throws you into a prison and locks the door!  Then he sits outside whispering condemnation and guilt and shame.

Guilt is one of those things that will take you right down into a pit if you let it.

But aren’t we supposed to feel guilty about doing rotten things?

Yes, but we were never meant to stay there.

Guilt is like pain.  Pain says, “Something’s wrong!  FIX IT!”

Guilt says, “I did something wrong!  I need to fix it!”

Just like if you put your hand on a hot stove, pain says, “This is hurting me.  Take your hand off!”

Guilt over something you’ve done wrong says, “This is hurting me.  We need to get to forgiveness and back right with God again.”

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You do that by going to the well and having a conversation with Jesus.  Tell Him those things you feel guilty for, accept His forgiveness, and move on!

Condemnation is from Satan, and he wants nothing more than to keep you there.

Conviction and forgiveness is from God.  He wants you to move through this and get to the other side of “I messed up.” all the way over to “I’m forgiven for it, and I’m never doing that again!”

A great book about guilt and letting God help you overcome it is: Forgiven Forever: The Full Force of God’s Tender Mercy  If you are struggling with guilt, I highly recommend this book for your trips to the well.  It speaks so eloquently about the forgiveness and mercy God so wants to extend to us.

Stop wallowing in guilt.  Stop believing Satan’s lies.  Go to the well.  Forgiveness, mercy, and love are waiting there for you in the Person of Jesus Christ!

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