Deeper Fundamentals of Marketing

January 5, 2012 | 2 Comments

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Day 2

There are four fundamentals to consider when building your marketing strategy–pull, push, content, promos, and remember, right now, we’re just getting an overview of these. As we go through the course, we will take an in-depth look at each one and discuss how it might fit into your overall strategy.

In Lesson 1 we discussed pulling vs. pushing marketing.  As the article stated, your strategy must be some pull (pulling the audience to you) and some push (offering your products).  If all you do is push, you will turn people off.  There are several authors on Twitter who are really annoying.  They make every single post about their book.  That’s fine SOME of the time, but all of the time, you are now into wasting my time territory.

However, if all you do is pull people, you will not sell very much because they won’t know you have anything to sell or how to get it.  I’m bad about this in real life.  Countless times people have come up to me and said, “Did I hear that right, are you an author?”  And these people have known me for years!  In the hopes of not being pushy, I didn’t push at all!

So there has to be a balance here.

Also, the two other factors must be considered as well:  Content and Promos.  You must learn to pull and push in your content AND in your promos.

Think of it this way.

You must pull and push with your content.  And you must pull and push with your Promos.  If you are not getting positive results, I guarantee you are not doing some part of this dynamic.

You have to have an audience to push to.  If you’re not pulling and expanding your audience, you will never grow your sales.  And if you do not have content that pulls and pushes, sales aren’t going to come either.  You’ve got to learn to do all of these to be effective.

So today examine your strategy.  Where are you weak?  Do you have great content but have trouble promoting it (a pushing problem)?  Do you have no followers to promote to (a pulling deficiency)?  Do you have no clue how to write promotions that sell rather than annoy? Or are you just completely lost on all of it?

In the coming weeks we will talk about all of these so not only will you understand them, you will be able to USE them in forming your own strategy.  For now, identify where YOU need the most help.

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  1. Ada Brownell says: January 5, 2012

    Wonderful teaching. I recently spoke at a Christmas party and some of the material harmonized with the message of my new book, Swallowed by LIFE. But I couldn’t figure out where I could tactfully say something about it. After reading your lesson today I saw a place where I could have inserted into the speech where I said “Immediately after Adam and Eve sinned and became mortals God decided he would do something about death, and promised a Redeemer.” I found a way to insert, “My new book, which is now available, speaks about the miraculous way we were formed from the beginning for eternal life and how science tells us we’re more than a body.”
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  2. Staci Stallings says: January 5, 2012

    That’s fantastic, Ada! I think understanding how these things can work together will make us more confident about sharing the great content about our GREAT GOD in a way that attracts rather than repels. Thanks for sharing. That was an excellent example.


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