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On the subject of landing pages and the most critical ones, we cannot forget the Bookshelf Landing Page.

Your bookshelf landing page (or site, or section of your site) is the one-stop place for everything about your books.  This page can be a whole section of your site or even a site unto itself depending on your body of work.

For me, I have several bookshelf landing pages.  Here are some examples:


All books (novels, short story collections, & Bible Studies).  As I put new books out, I put one new post on this site and link it to the various options.  When I do tweets that point to the book and the various places you can get it, this is where I often send visitors. I put this site together after I started in the Kindle/Nook market because I hadn’t been keeping up with my website, and rather than spend time revamping that one, I simply put up a new blog that was more site than blog.

Later on, this morphed into my Ebook Romance Stories site.  This site combines the keyword/Adwords that we talked about earlier and the idea of a bookshelf.  In contrast to the Staci Stallings bookshelf, this one focuses only on my romance novels.  However, it is more indepth in that it has a review for each book, the first chapter of each one, and an excerpt.  Each of these pages is a landing page unto itself.  I can, for example, send visitors to the first chapter for Cowboy or an excerpt from Lucky rather than to the entire site.  Also, because it is search engine optimized, it is now climbing the charts for the keywords:  Ebook Romance Stories and Romance Stories.  As it gets closer to the top spot, I should begin to get organic hits that I don’t directly ask for (from people just searching these terms on Google).

Finally, I have a very simple bookshelf on my Spirit Light Books blog:  In fact, this one needs some updating, but the idea is if someone comes to my blog, I want them to have a super-easy option to find out more about my books.

Think through setting up your bookshelf page, pages, or sites carefully.  They can make wonderful landing pages for your future promotions.


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