The Two Trees

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The Two Trees
The Bible says, "In the Garden, there were two trees..."

Eve made the mistake of eating from the wrong tree, and so do we. How can this one profound insight change your life completely? Find out!

"The Two Trees" is a Christian devotional / Bible Study that gives insight into the way God designed us to live--in peace and freedom. It maps out a way to get back to joy, peace, hope, and faith that will have believers shouting, "Yes! This is how I want to live!"

Find out how to go from fear to faith, from turmoil to peace, from sorrow to joy--just by changing which "tree" you are eating from. The insights will transform your prayer life, renew your relationships with yourself, your God, and everyone around you.

Short, easy-to-read and follow, this Bible Study will be the start of a brand new life filled with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, and most of all faith.

If your Christianity is feeling tired and boring, or worse you are approaching burn-out, then this Bible Study is for you. It's time to break out of boring and start living the way God intended from the very beginning--in abundance and incredible joy!

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In the Middle of the Garden…

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Garden of Eden where God placed Adam and Eve. You may even know the part about them eating the fruit of a forbidden tree. In fact, you may even remember that it was the only tree that God forbade them to eat from.

Okay. Good. Then, two questions for you: Do you know what that tree was called? And do you know there was another tree that is specifically mentioned in the story as well?

Let’s take the second question first.

There are actually two trees mentioned in this Genesis story. The first tree is the Tree of Life. The second, the one we hear about Adam and Eve eating from is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

What do these two trees have to do with anything? They are just trees. They stand there, look pretty, and make fruit. End of story. Right?

Not so fast.

Okay, so they are in the Bible and they are where Adam and Eve first sinned. They are where Adam and Eve messed up and ruined things for all of us, but they have no impact on my life today. It’s just a story after all. Right?


Two Trees—Two Ways to Live

First, you need to understand that there were two trees in the Garden, not just the forbidden tree, but also the one God had intended Adam and Eve to eat from. This is important, so put that information in your head and your heart. Two trees. Two ways to live. Two ways you still choose from every single day.

Let me explain.

Like many things in the Bible, there is the physical aspect of what happened. That means two trees, two people. There is the story. But underlying that story is a lesson—a lesson that when we don’t understand or pay attention to it, dooms us to repeat their mistake, but also a lesson that when we understand it and put it to work in our lives can change everything. So not only are there two physical trees, there is also what those trees represent and how that lesson can impact or lives right now.

In this Bible study we will look at what these two trees mean for our lives right now, in this moment, today.


Which Tree Are You Eating From?  (5-stars) — Farm Girl

The Two Trees is an encouraging Bible Study/Devotional, written in everyday language, that shows how grace, forgiveness, mercy and most of all hope are possible.

Almost everyone knows the story of Adam and Eve eating THE APPLE. But what does it really mean to us today?

Stallings book explains how our choices are like eating off the two trees in The Garden. Are we eating from the Tree of Life or “gorging” off the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil? Are we living by trusting God or are we living by our own power, resulting in “I wish. . .” or “If only. . .”.

I personally appreciated how Stallings took life today and related it to bibilical times such as the Israelites and the Promised Land.

The book is divided into four chapters with self evaluating questions after each chapter. These questions certainly made me think about which tree I am eating from and how simply I could be eating from the Tree of Life if I just turn everything over to God and trust Him.

The book explains that since we are not perfect, we will continue to eat from the Tree of Me. However, through Jesus, we will always have available to us the Tree of God. I am thankful for the words God gave Staci Stallings in this book to encourage me. I am sure I will reread this book again and again.

Two Trees

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