“She shoots, she scores!”
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From the outside looking in, Anthony Russell has it all. As the star basketball player on a winning college team, everybody knows him and loves him. His face is plastered on publicity poster after publicity poster. He’s even gotten offers from the pros to forego his senior year for the glitz and glamour of the Big Show. But Anthony has a secret that’s threatening to swallow his life whole…

Heather Nolan would be the perfect poster-girl for academic overachievers. She’s got straight A’s and every professor in her cheering corner. But the life Heather thought she was studying so hard for is in danger of coming to a neck-snapping halt if she can’t come up with a way to pay the bills. Bitter and angry that the basketball team seems to get the royal treatment while “real students” are forced to scrape by, Heather spitefully takes the only job available-tutoring. However, the lessons she teaches about English and what she learns about basketball soon pale in comparison with what she learns about herself.

What Reviewers are saying…

Learn how to play basketball in one easy lesson :)

by: June

I enjoyed this book and how the characters got to know each other and then changed their initial opinions. My favorite part was when Heather got to wear the learning shoes and got to learn about basketball and how the things she used to teach Anthony about practice in his reading also applied to her abilities in basketball.


She shoots, she scores!

by: mark’smark

I loved this book! I could not help but cheer for Anthony and Heather. I love how Stallings brings both sides of a story to the forefront. Anthony deals with as much insecurity as Heather and they both have a hard time feeling worthy of the other. Perhaps this is why I love Stallings books, I can relate to the fears her characters have inside. Yet she also shows that no matter what we deserve for someone to love us just as we are! This book is great for young adults, but even in my 30′s I like all of her stories!


Godly love and an awesome author!

by: CWpsj

Stallings created a masterful young love story that began with friendship and continues with true love! Anthony is not what he seems to be all he needs is a loyal friend and Heather is more than what meets thee eye. Both characters are so authentic that you feel their emotions right off the page. I really enjoyed the amount of time Stallings spent cultivating their relationship there were no gaps whereas other characters had more attention than the main two.


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