If You Believed in Love

“The most refreshing plotline I’ve read in a long time”

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If You Believed in Love

Jonathon Danforth has checked out of life. Stinging from an unimaginable loss, he has withdrawn from life, wanting only to live out his existence with as little interference as possible. However, when his sister talks him into auditing an English Literature class at the local community college, he reluctantly accepts the invitation to abandon his lonely apartment. Intent upon making an appearance for his sister’s sake and then disappearing for his own, Jonathon sulks into class. But when he meets Elizabeth Forester, the professor, Jonathon learns there is more to life and to love than he ever could have imagined.

What Reviewers are saying…

A Modern Day Classic

by: Farm Girl

Stallings has written her own classic. If You Believed in Love is a beautifully written tale about college professor Elizabeth Forester and widower Jonathan Danforth. Stallings creates a setting where you actually feel a part of the class. Thankfully I don’t have to take the final!

Don’t worry if Browning or Austen are not your thing. Jonathan’s wooing of Elizabeth is only enhanced by the analysis of poetry and classic novels. As Elizabeth and the class untangle the web of characters, Jonathan can’t help but take a look at his own life. He slowly lets go of the past and patiently helps Elizabeth overcome the walls she has built.

Jonathan and Elizabeth’s romance certainly has the old English feel with modern day twists. I loved and respected Jonathan for honoring Elizabeth’s wishes in the courtship. The way Jonathan used her proper name to respect her in front of the classroom but used her first name when they were alone is true romance. And I absolutely loved Jonathan’s use of Browning at the end.

I certainly would recommend this book even if British Literature is not your cup of tea!!!!

Tender and Insightful

by: Robin Wilson

I really enjoyed the deft handling of grief, forgiveness of self, and renewal in this novel. The interaction between the professor and her students was thought provoking, too, and I felt like a fly on the wall as the class discussed literature and its various applications to our own lives. I wanted to join in! Did I mention the love story is quite sweet as well? Two thumbs up from me.


An unusual story by a masterful author!

by: Myrna Brorman

When discussing Sense & Sensibility in class, the professor asks Mr. Danforth what sensibility means. He says, “It means letting your feelings get the better of you. It’s like stupidly believing in asinine things like hope and love.” When asked if he believed in love he said, “No, Ma’am. I don’t.”

This is an interesting love story that shows how love can triumph over grief. I believe you will enjoy reading how this story unfolds. Staci Stallings has done a masterful job of weaving this love story.


This is a wonderfully written and very creative book!

by: Deborah Shelton

Staci Stalling’s writing had me captivated from the moment I read page 1. Her use of English Literature and its parallel with live human emotion was the most refreshing plotline I’ve read in a long time. I would read this again!


A great, clean read!

by: cnqrkdscncr

The author made you really think about what Mr. Danforth was like after the death of his wife. His sister, Janet pushed him to take an English class just to get him out of his apartment. I love how Miss Forester, the teacher, really brought to life the relationship between the classics of Jane Austen and real life. I really felt like I was in the classroom with them. The love that grew between Mr. Danforth and Miss Forester was wonderful to see.


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