“The Heart of Romance”
Eternity Final 1-21-2014

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~ The Friendship Series ~
Book 1

Aaron Foster thought he had the perfect life until his fiancee walked out of his apartment and then back in again with his new roommate.  In desperation Aaron and his best friend, Harmony Jordan, devise The Plan, but when The Plan succeeds beyond their wildest expectations, it could spell heartache for them all.

“Misplaced love and secret passions lead two best friends on an unforeseen adventure to ultimately discover each other’s true feelings.  But, not until they nearly lose each other do they begin to understand the undeniable force that binds them.”

What Reviewers are saying…

A Book with a Message

by: Carolyn Sheidies

This is a story of two friends who come to realize that friendship is, after all, the best foundation for a permanent relationship and that sex outside of marriage is a lie. Though the point is long in coming, that very fact makes the realization pack a wallop when it comes.

For those in our culture who see nothing wrong with sleeping around, this book would make a positive gift. It gets the point across without preaching or hitting the reader over the head. Very subtle.

 Nice twist!

by: Kevin Apgar

A very well-written romance by Stallings that, unlike traditional romances, lingers more in the emotional and spiritual love shared by the characters instead of the physical. While the plot is pretty standard of many “love triangle” romances, Stallings throws in a pretty nice twist towards the end

The Heart of Romance

by: Amy Coflin,

Eternity is one of the few stories I have read in which the lead characters don’t hop in the sack soon after meeting. In fact, Harmony’s elective celibacy is a nice change of pace from the standard romance novels. Stallings is a pioneer in the inspirational romance genre. I hope the trend catches on with other writers.

Hopeless romantics of all ages should enjoy Eternity, especially the stronger second half of the book. It’s a pleasure to read a story that focuses on ROMANCE and HAPPINESS without relying on gratuitous, unnecessary sex scenes on every other page. Stallings gets to the heart of romance with her inspirational tales.




Book 2 of
The Friendship Series

The Easy Way Out

The Easy Way Out final 1-21-2014


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