A Little Piece of Heaven

“Two opposite people who find love in each other”
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A Little Piece of Heaven

~ The Faith Series ~
Book 2

Jeremy Straton thought he had it all figured out—great apartment, live-in fiancée, soon-to-be degree, and favored son status in a well-heeled family. But when it all came crashing down, he nearly drove his friends away as well. Starting over now, his life is about to change in ways he never could have foreseen and would never have chosen on his own. Can Jeremy find “A Little Piece of Heaven” he never even knew existed?

“A Little Piece of Heaven” the sequel to “A Work in Progress.” A brand new chapter begins…

What Reviewers are saying…

Stallings truly winds life into words through her writing

by: cynthia

I would recommend A Little Piece of Heaven to any romantic, any lover of books, anyone struggling with pride, insecurity, pain, or doubt. Stallings truly winds life into words through her writing and captures her readers’ hearts.


Wonderful love and faith story

by: I. Tsai

This is a wonderful love story of two very opposite people who find love, acceptance in each other. Jeremy is the rich boy who has had it all until, in the span of a weekend, loses his fiance and learns of the divorce of his parents. Emily is the shy girl who has this special inner strength and who, unlike Jeremy, lives her faith in Christ daily. Emily is a very admirable young lady who overcomes a tragedy and in the process learns to forgive and accept God’s love. I love to see how Emily’s gently lead Jeremy to know the truth of God and how God cares about the little things in our lives. She is not persistently telling Jeremy that he needs to go to church. She witnesses by modeling faith and love. I truly enjoy Staci’s stories because the characters are realistic and believable. The characters do fall in love slowly, unlike many books out there, where the characters almost always fall in love on the first sight. There are so many little treasures in this wonderful love story that are so applicable in our daily walk with God, for one, the book reminded me to live more by faith and to commit every little things in my life to God in prayer


Putting the Pieces of the Puzzle Together

by: Farm Girl

I also like how Staci develops Jeremy and Emily’s relationship. Their friendship and eventual relationship does not come easily. From the time spent at college, to the week in Colorado, both characters grow as individuals and as a couple. I like how you truly experience the emotions that both characters experience. The romance is very sweet with a very touching ending.



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