A Light in the Darkness

“He truly was her angel”
ALID Cover New 1-10-2014

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A Light in the Darkness

~ The Faith Series ~
Book 3

Holly Jacobs can run from her mother’s past no longer. She is unceremoniously summoned to her mother’s new fiance’s home in Napa Valley. The place is wonderful, but Holly can’t enjoy it because she knows that just like all the others, it can’t last. When her mother begins pushing Holly to make permanent plans with a young man Holly has no interest in, Holly takes off, never expecting to find a light in all of her darkness.

The final chapter of the Faith Series begins…

What Reviewers are saying…


by: Rhonda Aberdeen

To really understand Holly, you have to read the first two books in the series, to see how far she came from and why she made certain choices within the novel. She seemed lost with no where to go and she did not like the road she was on but she did not know how to get out of it because she did not choose this particular road in the first place; her mom did.

Thank God that she saw a light in the darkness, and that though it felt at one point like she was stuck in a hopeless situation, that hope was not far away. She found love the minute she was not looking and at just the right time because if God did not intervene when he did by sending Gabriel, Holly would have just been a memory, never knowing how amazing love can really be.

This book is amazing, fantastic and wonderful!


“Trust and know I am at your side”

by: Farm Girl

I believe I have found my new favorite book. A Light in the Darkness is a beautiful, thought provoking, roller coaster conclusion to the Faith Series.


He truly was her angel

by: June

God puts people in our lives for many different purposes. I loved Gabriel and his using his time in the morning to pray as he pulled weeds from the flower gardens. What better place to pray than while viewing some of God’s greatest and most beautiful creations.


A breath of fresh air in a world of Christian fiction

by: Salt

Staci has a very profound way of getting to the depth of a matter in a very inspiring and captivating fashion . Her diversity and expression in all her books is very unique


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 AWIP Cover New 1-10-2014


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